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Historical Information
Grand York Rite of California

The California York Rite Historical Pages' is dedicated to Kenneth G. Hope, KYCH Honorary Past Grand High Priest, Honorary Illustrious Past Grand Master, Honorary Past Grand Commander, and currently Grand Secretary Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of California, Grand Recorder Grand Council Cryptic Masons of California, & Grand Recorder Grand Commandery Knights Templar of California.

Through his love, devotion, and dedication to York Rite of California and with countless hours of research, Ken Hope has found, produced and/or documented the historical information contained herein.

Masonic Dignitaries, State of California

One Man Can Make A Difference

Grand Chapter RAM Grand Convocations
RA Chapter History Outline
RA Past Grand High Priest
Grand High Priest Organizational Chart

Grand Council CM Grand Assemblies
CM Council History Outline
Most Illustrious Past Grand Masters
Illustrious Grand Masters Organizational Chart

Grand Commandery KT Grand Conclaves
KT Commandery History Outline
KT Past Grand Commanders
Grand Commanders Organizational Chart

Grand Encampments (1883, 1904, 1916, 1934, 1949) Knights Templar

California Malta Medals

History of Golden West Commandery No. 43 Knights Templar

The forming of the Grand Commandery, State of California

Star Grand York Rite of California
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