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Each year throughout our Golden State; York Rite Associations put on festivals & pilgrimages where degrees & orders for Chapter, Council & Commandery are conferred. Often times these degrees are performed by individual units or they join with a neighboring unit to put these on.

York Rite Website will attempt to provide latest information as to when & where these activities will occur. Instead of calling Grand York Rite Office you can simply look at this page or the "city" within the "Location" page to find out if there is an activity happening near you.

Required information:

  1. Name of sponsoring group. either association or unit(s)
  2. Place and full address were event will occur.
  3. Date of each event.
  4. Starting time of each event; including registration and refreshments
  5. Type of degree or order being conferred.
  6. Any other necessary information. (keep it brief)
  7. Must be California York Rite events only. (few exceptions)
  8. All email regarding events must be sent to Ken Hope

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